Get the Party Started with the Best Karaoke Microphone System of 2020

Sound Like the Star You Are – With the Best Karaoke Microphone System by Singstrix

Best Karaoke MicrophoneIf you’re planning a birthday party, hang-out with friends, or just ready to sing a few tunes the Singstrix Home Karaoke System was made for you.  Sporting the best karaoke microphone available today you’re sure to sound like a star the moment the music starts playing.

This music system can bring a professional quality sound to a party of 50-100 or more. Singstrix even offers a Premium Party Bundle that puts everything you need right at your fingertips without breaking the bank.

If you get the jitters or are working up the confidence to sing live on stage then this package is here to help. With the same effects the pros use when they sing you’ll feel your vocal ability grow leaps and bounds as you feel more confident with each song. Even if you can’t carry a tune the Singstrix will help you along and make you sound better than ever and if you’re got the vocal chops already then…get ready to sound amazing.

This Karaoke Party system is an all-in-one pack for a singer to sound perfect, regardless of his or her natural ability. You can choose your audio source be it a smartphone or tablet and transform it into a party machine with the embedded 40W speaker, custom microphone, and effects console. This isn’t your moms karaoke machine that comes loaded with cheesy versions of songs. You choose the audio source (Youtube etc) and your choices of songs become unlimited.


Best Karaoke Mic


So Many Options To Find Your Sweet Vocal Spot

There are alot of reasons that this system and karaoke microphone are a best buy. As well as easily making our list as a top microphone for singing.  Check out some of awesome features of the Singstrix system:Best Microphone for Singing Karaoke

  • Vocal Processing: Who wouldn’t enjoy a variety of effects? The Singtrix Studio console gives you more than 300 professional studio effects with just a push button. With them, you can perform ballads and pop hits and let your confidence shine. The system gives you a top karaoke effect with a motivating twist of real-time, natural pitch correction for ensuring a pro sound. Just hit the button on the microphone’s side and converts your voice into a four-part choral concord. Built in harmony with yourself! Moreover, the voice synthesizer features an input for several microphones so your friends can join in the fun.
  • Real Time: The effects console is the system’s heart, which is a vocal transformer of professional grade with harmonization, pitch correction, and reverbs and delays of studio quality. All of it is done in real time with no delay so that as you sing you hear.
  • More Effects: This system brings variety to your fingertips. Turn the dial on the Studio effects console to pass through those hundreds of instrument and vocal effects such as wah-wah, reverb, and doubling. Add in popular sounds of any genre (old or new) and select your skill level after which the pitch correction is included accordingly. You can even select from presets such as arena rock, cowboy, and hip hop diva, or try out some options such as robotica and psychedelic.the best microphone for singing karaoke
  • Portability: This system is genuinely portable and powerful to be carried with ease anywhere. Although it is small, it packs quite a punch that will keep everyone partying and ready for a turn at the mic.
  • Included Speaker + Stand + Microphone:  A 40W 2.1 speaker, mid-high drivers, and a subwoofer are ideal for rocking the celebration by delivering clear and loud, full-range sound. Included is what we found to be the best karaoke mic available. You can grab another one for when it’s time to do a duet with a friend. The stand holds everything and is adjustable to any height you need.  Singstrix has all the bases covered.

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The Best Karaoke System When You’re Serious About Your Singing.

karaoke microphone best buyThe bells and whistles and ease of use of the Singstrix system is un-matched.  It’s easy to set the whole system up with a smartphone, ipad, mp3 player and just place it on the stand.  All you have to do is connect it to the system using a stereo-mini cord and you’re ready to rock out to your own library of music.  The whole system is compatible with all types of music playing devices.  With the ability to even “gender-bend” your voice into a guy or a girl you can sing anything.

If you’re looking for a self-contained system that has everything you need then this is the perfect pick for you.  But if you’ve got future plans of recording or singing live then we suggest checking out our picks for singing at home microphones or even a microphone for singing live like the Shure SM-58S.

Even so this is the perfect stepping-stone to move up to one of the more specialized microphones.



Our Verdict: The Singstrix System is a Karaoke Microphone Best Buy

Best Karaoke Microphone Review

Best Karaoke Microphone by Singstrix

With this Karaoke System, you can certainly move up one level from a bathroom singer to a pop star and have a blast with friends (or not) along the way! We also highly recommend you check out the reviews and packages available on Amazon.  There usually is a fantastic Premium Edition Bundle (that was available as of this review) that is an incredible value.

Additional microphones (we found them to be the best karaoke microphone) are available as well. So what are you waiting for?  Let’s get this party started with the Singstrix Home Karaoke System.Current Price Amazon


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