‘Go Nuts Music’ is the result of our love of making music. As well as having some real ‘spirited’ all night debates about what really sounds good. Needless to say all of our varied opinions, experiences and views all made us start to dig down and find out what is truly the best. Everyones voice is different. There are so many singing styles that are unique to each individual. But there is ONE thing that everyone can agree on…we all want to sound the BEST we can when we sing live or record a song. Hence our quest to research the market and offer our opinions and reviews.

Most of us who make the jump to really looking for the equipment to sing live or at home can run into a lot of mis-information.  There is a lot of well entrenched bias with people who get used to their way of doing things.  Very few of us have the resources, opportunity or just the time to test every microphone in order to pick the right one for the job.  It can be a exercise in frustration to even attempt it.  Almost every microphone can be efficient based upon the individual and the purpose it will be used.  Each works in it’s own way and usually with very varied results.

To help you get a sense of what it would be like to use a particular microphone for a particular situation we are here to share our personal experiences.  Our honest reviews and findings hopefully will make your search to purchase your microphone a little easier.  For first time users can let our teams opinions and experience act as your litmus test to take your singing to the next level with the perfect microphone (for you!).

As a bonus we also suggest some guides and resources to help you achieve your microphone goal.

  • These unbiased microphone reviews are based purely on our personal experience and reviews from other users who are very passionate about sharing their experiences as well
  • We do not sell microphones nor are we in any way related to any microphone company.
  • The whole teams wish is to help anyone interested in singing identify the significant factors that you should take into consideration when you make a decision to buy the best microphone for your singing.
  • Our primary goal is to be a one stop destination to help you chose the right microphone and give guidance to get you the best price on the market.

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